The Conquer Fears and Achieve Emotional Freedom Collection!


Master Your Emotions and Take Command of Your Life! Have you ever felt limited by fears, worry, or anxiety? Do you sometimes feel like your emotions are unpredictable and hard to control? Do guilt and scars from past experiences weigh on you? If so, this collection will change your life!


Master Your Emotions and Take Command of Your Life!

Have you ever felt limited by fears, worry, or anxiety? Do you sometimes feel like your emotions are unpredictable and hard to control? Do guilt and scars from past experiences weigh on you? If so, you are certainly not alone.

One of the things that makes life so wonderful is the ability to experience a broad range of emotions. The “highs” can be indescribably joyful. And the “lows” – while often quite painful – can be some of our best learning experiences and they certainly help us appreciate the “highs” even more.

And while it’s good to learn from the past to avoid repeating mistakes, fears can take on a life of their own and have disproportionate control over our lives. If we are unable to let go of the past and forgive ourselves and others, the feelings of guilt and/or anger can consume our lives and limit our potential.

The good news is that we don’t have to continue to be limited by our fears and past experiences. We CAN free ourselves from the emotional baggage that is holding us back. With the right tools and using the right techniques, we can learn to release negative emotions and build new expectations for the future. In fact, it can be pretty easy if you do it right. That’s what this collection of programs will do for you.

What is the Conquer Fears and Achieve Emotional Freedom Collection?

This collection consists of a dozen (12) of the most enjoyable and powerful programs we’ve ever created. These programs were specifically selected to give you the tools you need to take control of your emotions, eliminate fears and anxiety, and forgive yourself and others so you can move on, live in the present, and plan for a much brighter future!

Simply put, this collection will help you live a better life and achieve your goals like you never thought possible. Not by delivering some magic elixir or surefire formula for success, but rather by helping you recondition your inner mind to harness the full power of your subconscious and help you achieve more of your potential.

Yes, it’s a lot to promise, but our experience with over a million people over the last 45+ years has shown us that it works.

This collection will help you learn to eliminate negative programming from your past and replace it with positive, healthy thoughts and direct that positive energy toward specific goals to help you conquer fears, eliminate worry and anxiety, let go of the past, release guilt, and brighten your mood.

This collection combines the power of 12 of Bob Griswold’s most successful personal development programs into a single package. Any time you want, simply choose the right program for you and just listen. The positive programming will deliver an immediate positive impact. And over time, you’ll experience immeasurable long-term benefits.

The Conquer Fears and Achieve Emotional Freedom Collection includes the following titles:

Each title is a self-contained program that acts as your personal coach and support system. Its goal-oriented programming helps you harness your own personal power to make profound, positive changes in your life. As with any learning process, repetition and consistency are important to internalize the message and to help you get the most out of the program.

Therefore, we recommend you listen to the programs at least once a day for 30 days. That doesn’t mean that you have to listen to EVERY title in the collection once a day for 30 days. You COULD, and that would be great for you, but you probably won’t have time for that. Instead, just pick the titles that you really want to work on first and listen to those. Then move on to other programs when you desire.

One of the great things about these programs is that they each complement and support one another. So you can listen to one today and another tomorrow and they’ll each reinforce the message from the other program. So feel free to mix and match all you want. And you can’t overdose on the programs; the more you listen, the bigger and faster the benefits!

Save over $75!

If you bought each of these titles individually it would cost over $190 (which is already a bargain compared to a few minutes with a therapist, life coach, or masseuse.) But when you buy the collection, you’ll save over $75. And the programs – more importantly, the benefits -will be yours for the rest of your life! Start today!

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When you purchase this title, either here or within the WiseGuide App, you are purchasing a perpetual license to access this title within the WiseGuide App. You’ll be able to listen to the program within the app as often as you like forever. Making copies of or distributing the program in any form is prohibited. All rights reserved.

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