Affiliate Area

As a member of The WiseGuide app, you are automatically also an Affiliate! That means that when you recommend the app to friends, family, or anyone, and they become a member you get rewarded.

To make sure that you get credit for the people you refer to the app, all you need to do is share a unique link with them. When they use that link to visit our site and start a membership, you will automatically get credit and receive your reward.

To get your unique link, click My Account in the menu at the top of this page. Then click on Affiliate on the left menu on that page. There, you will have access to your unique link and also be able to create custom links (for example, link to a specific title) as well as reports on the referrals you generated.

Please contact us for information on how to become an affiliate without subscribing or questions about commission rates, exclusive offers, or anything else.

Some details:

  • Our app offers “in-app” purchases which go through Apple or Google. Unfortunately, we cannot track those transactions back to a specific affiliate. But if they become a member or purchase specific programs on our site, you’ll get credit for that. So, while introducing something new and wonderful to your friends is its own reward, you may want to remind them to use our website to sign up so you can reward yourself.
  • We always offer a 7-day free trial for our monthly and annual members. Affiliate rewards are only recorded if a new member decides to continue membership after the free trial period.