Special Pairing: Managing Stress + Deep Relaxation


The perfect combination of programs for anyone who’s got a little too much on their plate. Stress is unavoidable in today’s world, but these programs will help you manage that stress positively and learn how to relax again! Give yourself the gift of peace!


Managing Stress and Achieving Deep Relaxation

Do you have too much stress in your life? Have you forgotten how to relax? This package of programs is perfect for you!

Stress is a natural part of life. It’s unavoidable. Therefore, it’s your reaction to stress that determines how much stress will impact your physical and emotional health. These programs will provide you with wonderful tools to help you relax and manage stressful situations.

You’ll get the following two titles:

Deep Relaxation

If you want to relax every muscle in your body and enjoy complete mental and physical relaxation, this is the program for you. The first guided relaxation exercise is devoted to Progressive Relaxation, which is a method that has been used by doctors for over 70 years. It involves tensing the muscles, then releasing the tension, and noticing the contrast between tension and relaxation. The second guided relaxation exercise consists of another method of experiencing relaxation without the use of tension.

Knowing how to relax is the key to enjoying life. This program will teach you how to relax deeply any time you want.

Managing Stress

This relaxing, informative program will give you the power to overcome daily stress and begin enjoying life to its fullest. Relieving yourself from harmful stress may be one of the most important things you’ll do for yourself and your family.

Each of these programs is part of our LOVE TAPES series. They feature relaxing and powerful guided meditation exercises along with two soothing subliminal programs. Together they provide the perfect recipe for self-improvement.

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