Self-Image for Children


In this fun guided adventure packs a powerful message that can have an enormous impact on any child’s life. Your kids will love listening and request it often. You’ll love the message it delivers.


Self-Image for Children

This audio program is for children under the age of eight, and it is truly a result of popular demand. More and more parents are realizing the importance of developing a strong, positive self-image for children. This increases a child’s chances for good health, happiness, and success in every aspect of their life, including school, sports, and clubs. Although self-image can be improved at any age, the earlier we start, the better. Self-Image for Children is one of the most valuable and enjoyable gifts you could ever offer a child.

This program is one of the excellent titles in our LOVE TAPES® series. It features our unique Productive Meditation™ technique, a powerful guided mindfulness meditation session, along with two soothing subliminal programs. Together they provide the perfect recipe for self-improvement.

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