Attract Money and Enjoy Prosperity – While-U-Sleep


Prosperity begins in the mind! Learn to quickly break through your financial limitations and open the door to greater wealth and fulfillment! And do it while you sleep!


Attract Money and Enjoy Prosperity

Prosperity begins in the mind! Learn to quickly break through your financial limitations, attract money and open the door to greater wealth and fulfillment!

Within our minds, we all have an inner dialog or “self-talk.” These thoughts exist at the subconscious level and have an enormous impact on the choices we make and how successful we are.

Unfortunately, for too many of us, our inner thoughts have been programmed with a “poverty mindset.” This creates a formidable unconscious barrier to our financial success. Many of us struggle financially because we think we can’t earn more…and think we shouldn’t earn more! We often let promising financial opportunities pass by because they “don’t seem right for us.”

The fact is that you have great value to bring to the world and you deserve to share that value with the world and be richly compensated for it.

If you read that last sentence and thought that in your case it’s not true, then this program is for you! You will benefit greatly by learning how to shed your false limitations and welcome prosperity into your life.

If you’ve read The Secret or watched the movie, or just learned about The Secret by talking to other people, you know that what you hold in your mind you attract into your life. The Secret explains this phenomenon in a very compelling way, but it does almost nothing to tell you how to eject the negative thoughts and embed the kinds of positive, productive thoughts that will attract the kinds of changes you are seeking. It requires eliminating negative thought habits and self-talk and replacing them with positive, healthy, productive thoughts, images, and feelings!

That’s exactly what these programs are designed to do for you!

By reprogramming your inner mind, you will turn you subconscious thoughts from a foe to an ally!

With this title you get two tracks:

  1. Soothing, audible guided meditation
  2. Hypnotic music and nature sounds with subliminal messages

Play the programs when you go to bed. You may either play the program once and let it end or you can set your app to repeat the program over and over all night long. While playing it all night long can maximize your exposure to the programming, you may prefer to sleep in silence during most of the night. Therefore the choice is yours.

It’s also your choice to play the audible version of the program or the subliminal version. Both have very valuable and powerful programming, but each person responds uniquely to different techniques. Most people alternate the programs nightly to take advantage of both kinds of programming.

But you can’t benefit from the programs if you don’t listen to them. So order now!

Try listening on our app – The Wiseguide! Available on both Apple IOS and Android platforms.

When you purchase this title, either here or within the WiseGuide App, you are purchasing a perpetual license to access this title within the WiseGuide App. You’ll be able to listen to the program within the app as often as you like forever. Making copies of or distributing the program in any form is prohibited. All rights reserved.

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