Effective Meditations for Overcoming Self-Doubt


With ambition, talent, and opportunity anything is possible…except where Self-Doubt exists. Self-Doubt can kill a dream before you dream it. This program will help you eliminate Self-Doubt and help you enjoy greater success in all areas of life.


Self-doubt and negative feelings quickly melt away as you experience these relaxing, confidence-building meditations. You will enjoy greater confidence and enjoy greater success in all areas of life. Order now and start realizing more of your potential right away!

This program is one of the many titles in our Effective Meditations™ series. It incorporates vipassana or present-moment meditation techniques that will greatly increase your awareness and help you realize your untapped potential.

Each Effective Meditations™ audio program includes two complete meditations. The first is a beautifully relaxing guided meditation enhanced by positive imagery, affirmations, breathing techniques, and peaceful music and/or calming nature sounds. You’ll experience a wonderful state of relaxed awareness, and learn to focus your consciousness and inner resources so you can achieve your goals naturally and easily.

In the second part, you’ll be assisted in learning how to relax your body and calm your mind. You’ll be given helpful suggestions for effective meditation that you’ll be encouraged to do on your own. Throughout your listening experience, you’ll receive additional guidance so you can proceed independently and successfully with your meditation, this way you can make Effective Meditations a part of your daily life — perhaps more effortlessly and successfully than any other form of meditation.

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