Walking & Active Life – Energy and Self-Esteem


Add some powerful mental programming to your workout! The energizing music and motivating affirmations in this program will help you feel more positive and energetic.


Walk Your Way to Increased Energy and Self-Esteem!

Walking may be the best form of exercise there is. It’s low impact and great for your cardiovascular health while being easy on your joints.

Walking can help you lose weight, improve circulation and muscle tone, relieve stress, lift your spirits and help you stay young. It also promotes creativity, concentration, and can even improve your memory. On top of all that, walking promotes healthy behavior in many other areas of your life. For example, choosing to go for a walk after dinner may help you get to bed earlier and improve your sleep. Compared to the alternative of watching tv on the couch before bed, walking is a much healthier habit.

These one-hour programs feature enjoyable, energizing music, and positive, motivating audible affirmations to help you feel stronger, happier, more energetic and more in control of your life. They were created by one of the most experienced certified fitness specialists in the United States.

This title, Energy and Self-Esteem, will help you release harmful stress while enjoying a more positive, active life.

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